A Job Well Done: work experience safety resources for students with a disability

​​​​​​​​​​A Job Well Done is a set of resources to help:

  • students with a disability prepare for work experience
  • students understand their occupational health and safety responsibilities
  • build the knowledge and capacity of the career practitioners and teachers to support these students.

How to use the resources

Victorian secondary schools should use A Job Well Done along with the work experience manual to prepare students for work experience.

A Job Well Done has a general module and five industry modules.

Students must be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • all aspects of the general module, and
  • the industry modules relevant to their work experience placement.

When delivering ‘A Job Well Done’, you should allow students to work at their own pace. You can also offer a variety of activities to reinforce the key messages of each module.

Refer to A Job Well Done guide for schools (docx - 400.72kb) for instructions and advice.

General module

This module includes a range of resources customised for students with a disability.

Getting ready

Establishes the personal requirements for preparing for a workplace experience.  

Student worksheets

  1. What to wear (docx - 5.61mb)
  2. Personal care (docx - 121.9kb)
  3. Communicating in the workplace (docx - 3.41mb)
  4. Things I may need help with (docx - 129.87kb)
  5. Preparing to visit the workplace (docx - 1.59mb)
  6. My key person (docx - 126.94kb)
  7. Planning how to get there (docx - 934.52kb)
  8. Preparing to travel to work (docx - 138.99kb)
  9. Travel training skills for pedestrians (docx - 2.34mb)
  10. Travel training for public transport (docx - 147.28kb)

Teacher support resources

  1. Getting ready video with Auslan interpreter
  2. Teacher lesson plan (docx - 406.25kb)
  3. Getting ready – Student progress checklists (docx - 116.37kb)
  4. Travel identification and concession card Fact Sheet (docx - 118.71kb)
  5. Travel training for public transport assessment (docx - 390.31kb)

Know the rules

Includes information about workplace rules and occupational health and safety requirements.  

Student worksheets

  1. Health and safety laws (docx - 465.3kb)
  2. Duties of employers and students (docx - 2.49mb)
  3. Personal safety (docx - 130.05kb)
  4. Workplace bullying (docx - 215.65kb)
  5. Discrimination laws (docx - 397.43kb)
  6. OHS signs (docx - 232.69kb)
  7. Personal protective equipment (docx - 151.73kb)
  8. First aid (docx - 482.95kb)
  9. Emergency procedures (docx - 1.15mb)
  10. Manual handling (docx - 1.36mb)
  11. Slips, trips and falls (docx - 131.51kb)
  12. Workplace noise (docx - 361.39kb)
  13. Mechanical equipment safety (docx - 136kb)
  14. Hazardous substances and dangerous goods (docx - 771.09kb)
  15. Electricity (docx - 745.27kb)
  16. Hazard identification risk assessment and control (docx - 903.16kb)

Teacher support resources

  1. Know the rules video with Auslan interpreter
  2. Know the rules - Teacher lesson plans and know the rules video (docx - 420.27kb)
  3. Know the rules - Student progress checklist (docx - 116.76kb)

Visiting the workplace

Industry modules

‘A Job Well Done’ is made up of five industry modules that include information on safety aspects in the workplace in specific industry contexts.

Each industry module has accompanying lesson plans and videos that support the preparation of students for work experience.

The materials have been prepared for teachers to assist them in the design of units of work for students. Each industry module includes general information on the industry and key messages on how students can stay safe in each industry.

Industry information sheets and teacher support


A Job Well Done web game

A Job Well Done has been developed to prepare students for work experience in five industry areas – hospitality, retail, administration and support services, agriculture and warehousing.

Students complete the game by answering a series of questions about different workplace scenarios and workplace safety signs. The web game has been designed to support students with a disability to have meaningful and safe experiences in the workplace.

A Job Well Done transcript (docx - 920.65kb) is provided for accessibility purposes.


Parents and carers are a key support for their child during work experience. Communication between the student, the teacher, the employer and the parents or carers is important for a successful placement.

Role of the teacher

The teacher should:

  • prepare guidance for the employer on how to work with and communicate with the student during work experience
  • ensure in-school adjustments can be reflected in the work place
  • give information to parents and carers about the importance of their role in supporting their child during their work experience.

Collaboration should happen before, during and after the work experience.

It is an opportunity to capture what the student has achieved during the placement and to understand their future learning needs and opportunities. This will also help the school to build relationships with future work placement opportunities for other students.

Certificate of completion

Download the student certificate of completion (docx - 485.49kb).