safe@work user guide

​​​safe@work is an occupational health and safety program for secondary school students undertaking work experience. It helps students improve their knowledge and understanding of occupational health and safety matters before entering a workplace.

Before starting the program in the classroom, you should familiarise yourself with this user guide and safe@work

Before you start

Teachers should ensure they are familiar with the content of safe@work and all information give on this page before they start. 

Testing group

The size of the class will determine how to implement the program. Schools can adopt a:   

  • Whole class approach
  • Small group approach
  • Individual approach

Lesson plan

Schools may conduct:   

  • the whole program and testing online, or
  • the program using print copies of the modules and then test online, or
  • the program and testing using the CD-ROM version of safe@work

Classroom set up and resources

Full program online delivery

To deliver the program modules and assessment online, students will need access to a computer with internet access that is connected to a printer.   

In the case of a whole class approach, the program should be delivered in a computer laboratory with students working individually or in groups.   

Small groups and individuals may undertake the program in a classroom or in the library or careers room where internet and printer access is available.   

Delivery using the CD-ROM version of safe@work

The CD-ROM version of safe@work works exactly like the online website. However, a paper version of the assessment will need to be printed for completion by the student. The tests will need to be individually marked and the award of attainment will need to be manually generated. 

Test conditions

Each student must sit both the general and industry specific tests. An award of attainment for both will only be issued upon successful completion of 12 correct answers out of 16 in total. Schools should consider using quality paper to print the award of attainment.   



Teachers must determine the amount of time needed to undertake the modules based on the method of approach adopted, planned extra classroom activities and the needs of students.   


Students must individually sit both the general and industry specific test relevant to their area of work experience. Each online multiple-choice test is unique, being based on a random selection of questions generated at the time of sitting. The student will need sufficient time to complete the multiple-choice test to generate an award of attainment.   

The following is suggested as a general guideline to planning the testing phase:   

  • Each test in the general and industry specific modules consists of 16 questions which may take up to 35 minutes to complete – longer for students with literacy or language difficulty
  • You may wish to allow a double period to conduct the multiple-choice tests and print the Awards of Attainment in a whole class approach
  • The award of attainment must be printed upon successful completion at the same time as sitting the test. Students who lose or damage their award of attainment would have to re-do the test unless they have kept a copy.

A student who achieves an unsatisfactory result on the multiple choice tests must attempt the assessment again.   

Any interruption to the internet connection during online testing will mean that the multiple-choice test will have to be re-done by the student.   


In order to print the award of attainment a printer must be connected to computers where the test is conducted. The Award may be printed in black and white or in colour. Teachers should ensure the printer is on, has paper loaded and that everything is in working order prior to students undertaking the test. (The school's IT specialist could assist teachers with this).   

The 'award of attainment' needs to be printed on A4 paper in Portrait, not Landscape mode. Portrait is the default mode for printing.   

Failure to ensure that a working printer is attached to the computer on which the test is conducted may result in the test having to be redone.   

When the paper based test from the CD-ROM version is completed, the teacher or supervisor will need to compose and print the award of attainment from the template provided.   


Teacher lesson plans

Technical support

The fastest way to get assistance with a technical issue is to log an incident through the service gateway, or:

Telephone: 1800 641 943
Fax: 1800 672 148


safe@work is based on “WorkSafe Smart Move (copyright State of Western Australia) published by WorkSafe - Department of Consumer and Employment Protection, Western Australia