Professional readings

The papers on this page have been developed to support teachers' professional learning around literacy teaching and learning. This includes knowledge and understanding of teaching phonological awareness and phonics as 2 of the essential elements of learning to read, along with vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and oral language.

The professional readings have been designed to include evidence-based information aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers whereby each paper explores a concept to build understanding. Suggestions for further discussion are also included. These can be used to support individual reflection as well as discussions in staff meetings, by teaching teams in relation to specific cohorts of students, or by learning specialists in a literacy-focused context.

Differentiating Phonics Instruction (pdf - 425.2kb)

Differentiating Phonics Instruction (docx - 120.9kb)

Using the EOI for differentiated planning (pdf - 368.87kb)

Using the EOI for differentiated planning (docx - 121.43kb)

Teacher pedagogic decision making about the teaching of reading (pdf - 494.95kb)

Teacher pedagogic decision making about the teaching of reading (docx - 126.95kb)

Teaching Phonics in Writing (pdf - 1.13mb)

Teaching Phonics in Writing (docx - 118.35kb)

Reading Engagement and Enjoyment (pdf - 1.46mb)

Reading Engagement and Enjoyment (docx - 126.58kb)

Reading as Meaning Making (pdf - 478.77kb)

Reading as Meaning Making (docx - 127.68kb)

Oral Language to Support Phonological Awareness and Phonics Instruction (pdf - 755.56kb)

Oral Language to Support Phonological Awareness and Phonics Instruction (docx - 123.74kb)

Oral Reading Fluency (pdf - 507.06kb)

Oral Reading Fluency (docx - 117.1kb)

Phonics and Different English Pronunciations (pdf - 503.79kb)

Phonics and Different English Pronunciations (docx - 129.86kb)