Peer observation

​Peer observation is one element which teachers may choose to focus on during their professional practice days. Find out what it is and how to get started. Includes implementation tools and video case studies.

The use of the resources on this page is optional. They can be a useful reference point for future planning and improvement if appropriate to the needs of the school.

About peer observation

Peer observation is about teachers observing each others’ practice and learning from one another. It aims to support the sharing of best practice and build awareness about the impact of your own teaching.

​Effective peer observation (including feedback and reflection):

  • focuses on teachers' individual needs and gives an opportunity to learn from, and give feedback to peers      
  • is a core component of creating a professional community and building collective efficacy
  • can help teachers continue to improve their practice in ways that better promote student learning
  • is a developmental learning opportunity.

For principals and school leaders: Integrating peer observation within existing structures, such as your school strategic plan, will facilitate a greater line of sight between personal and collective improvement goals.

Get started

The following resources will help you to get started with - or further embed - peer observation at your school.

Tools and tips for teachers

Stages of peer observation - templates 

Blank and annotated templates for teachers to help inform the stages of peer observation:

Giving feedback to colleagues

The following guidelines outline protocols for school staff to:

  • give quality feedback to colleagues
  • create an open and supportive culture during peer observations.

Case studies

Video case studies to support schools in embedding peer observation, feedback and reflection are available below.

Chelsea Heights Primary School

Peer observation at Chelsea Heights Primary School is linked to teachers' professional practice Performance and Development goals and the school's Annual Implementation Plan.

Learn more about how teachers work together to navigate peer observation and feedback at Chelsea Heights Primary School.

Roxburgh College

This school takes a holistic approach to peer observation, involving teachers, parents and students in learning walks.

Learn more about what drives the college’s passion for peer observation and how it is conducted.

You can also view short videos from the school/teacher, student and parent perspectives.

Verney Road School

This specialist school's approach to peer observation was developed by its teachers and education support staff. Teachers and education support staff use their mobile phones to film short videos, which are then used for peer observation and feedback conversations.

See Verney Road School's approach to peer observation.

For more information, see the peer observation process at Verney Road School.

Watch how a teacher and an educational support staff member undertak​e peer observation together at Verney Road School.