Victorian teaching and learning model (VTLM)

​The Victorian teaching and learning model  brings the framework for improving student outcomes (FISO) into the classroom. It creates a line of sight between the whole-school improvement approach and classroom practice.

The model allows teachers and school leaders to:

  • focus on high impact improvement initiatives
  • drive those initiatives through evidence-based decisions about their teaching and student learning. 

It encourages collaboration among principals, school leaders, teachers, students and parents/carers in effective learning communities to improve learning outcomes for students.

Four components of the model

The Victorian teaching and learning model consists of four components - more resources are in the links below:

  • A vision for learning helps create a unified set of values and beliefs to drive a high performance learning culture.
  • The practice principles for excellence in teaching and learning (practice principles) are nine signature pedagogies which make the difference in improving student achievement and motivation.
  • The pedagogical model describes what effective teaching looks like in the classroom and helps teachers apply the practice principles.
  • The high impact teaching strategies (HITS) are ten instructional practices that reliably increase student learning wherever they are applied.

Each component articulates how FISO is enacted in teaching and learning.

Further information and resources to support your practice and implementation of the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model are available through the VTLM page on FUSE where you will find case studies, online professional learning modules and the HITS Catalogue featured.

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The Victorian teaching and learning model operates in parallel with:

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