Student voice practice guide (Amplify)

Amplify is a student voice, agency and leadership practice guide.

The guide gives an opportunity for school professionals and students to have conversations, collaborate and take actions to empower students, whatever their current starting points. 

Amplify (docx - 1.02mb)

Amplify (pdf - 986.45kb)

Amplify includes an online toolkit providing access to: 

  • research and evidence
  • tools and resources
  • video and written case studies 
  • professional learning modules 
  • external resources.
To access the toolkit visit FUSE Amplify toolkit 

Empower students with Amplify

By empowering students we enhance student engagement and enrich their participation:

  • We help students to ‘own’ their learning and development.
  • We help schools to create a positive climate for learning.

Amplify includes:   

  • a case for change
  • information about the structures, processes and practices that teachers and school leaders can use to empower students
  • links to the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) and the Victorian teaching and learning model
  • links to tools and resources
  • case studies from Victorian government schools
  • a professional reading list.

Using Amplify

For teachers

For teachers, Amplify represents an opportunity to reflect on the current status of student voice, agency and leadership in their classrooms. The definitions, strategies and practice examples included in Amplify will assist teachers to identify improvement opportunities and implementation ideas.

For school leaders

Amplify complements the FISO and Victorian teaching and learning model resources, bringing to the fore the central role student voice, agency and leadership have in improving student outcomes.

leaders can assist teachers to establish a culture where all school community members value and contribute to the advancement of student voice, agency and leadership.