Travel education for students with disabilities

​The Travel Education Framework (TEF) is a resource for specialist schools to create a program that gives students the knowledge, skills and confidence to travel independently to school on public transport.

The TEF is suitable for students in upper primary and moving through to Year 12. While the entry point at beginner level may be common to all students, progression through the program will depend on each student’s own rate of development.

Under the TEF, only students identified with the appropriate physical, cognitive and emotional capacity will progress to advanced travel education and be taught to become an independent traveller.

To hear how the Travel Education Framework has been rolled out in our schools, see Travel Education.

Learning topics

The TEF resource provides advice and templates to support:

  • selecting students to participate in travel education
  • planning classroom and practical lessons across the themes of journey planning, getting about, behaving appropriately and staying safe
  • identifying and mitigating risk
  • other resources to assist implementation including template invitations, travel contracts and advice to parents about the program.

Templates and samples