Inclusive education equipment boost for schools

The Equipment Boost for Schools initiative funds new specialised equipment and assistive technologies to support students with disabilities and additional learning needs.

Specialised equipment and assistive technology may include:

  • adjustable furniture
  • mobility equipment
  • portable wheelchair ramps
  • literacy aids
  • customised sporting equipment.

In 2018, the initiative supported schools to strengthen whole-of-school inclusive education practice through:

  • flexible funding of $5,000 to every Victorian government school
  • targeted funding through the specialised stream by application from schools identifying higher needs
  • targeted funding to expand technologies available through the blind and low vision technology library.

How do I apply?

Information and details about funding available in 2019 will be published here in Term 1, 2019.

For general guidance on the Equipment Boost for Schools please refer to the 2018 Guidelines under More information below.

Implementation resources

Schools can access implementation resources to maximise and prioritise investments, identify needs, and effectively implement equipment and technology within the school environment.

These resources include:

  • a recommended process to support schools' decision-making and implementation activities
  • a list of inclusive education equipment and assistive technologies used in Victorian government schools.


The $12 million Equipment Boost for Schools forms part of the $61 million suite of additional supports for students with disabilities as announced in November 2017. The initiative responds to calls to strengthen inclusive education practice to provide better supports for students with disabilities and additional needs.

Inclusive education means that all members of every school community are valued and supported to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed within an inclusive school culture. This includes making reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities and additional learning needs.

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