Program for Students with Disabilities guidelines

The PSD guidelines include information on making an application and operational guidelines.

For students turning 19 or older and completing a senior secondary course in 2019

For students supported by the PSD who are turning 19 or older and completing a senior secondary course in 2019, schools must use this guidance:

Student support group guidelines

The aims of the student support group are to:

  • ensure that those with the most knowledge of, and responsibility for the student, work together to establish shared goals for the student's educational future
  • plan reasonable adjustments for the student to access the curriculum
  • provide educational planning that is ongoing throughout the student's life
  • monitor the progress of the student.

See the following guidelines for the student support group, including the templates for personalised learning and support planning:

Program background

With over 600,000 students in more than 1,520 government schools, Victoria has a strong and vibrant education system that celebrates diversity, and is committed to supporting the achievement and participation of all students.

The Department provides a range of policies, programs and resources for schools to support the delivery of high quality schooling for all students, including students with disabilities. These resources may be provided in the Student Resource Package, through student support services including psychologists, social workers, youth workers, speech pathologists and visiting teachers or through specific early identification and intervention programs. The Program for Students with Disabilities is one such form of provision available to schools.