Program for Students with Disabilities

​​The Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) provides funding for eligible students with disabilities who attend regular and specialist schools.

The funding is given directly to schools via the Student Resource Package.

Supplementary programs

Home-based educational support provides assistance to schools to deliver home based education to students who cannot attend school due to their disability.

Medical and accessibility support lists additional programs that exist under the Program for Students with Disabilities to assist students with specific needs. Individual program guidelines and application forms can be accessed from this page.​

Inclusiv​​e classroom school resource

The Association for Children with a Disability has developed an online inclusive classroom school resource for teachers in Victorian government mainstream primary schools. It includes:

  • information about teaching students with a disability
  • working in partnership to support the educational needs of all students.

See inclusive classroom school resource .

Positive edu​​​cation planning

The positive education planning booklet describes positive planning for children with disabilities attending Victorian government primary schools.

The booklet:

  • includes information and support to parents of children with disabilities
  • emphasises the importance of a positive partnership with the child's school, this is the foundation of a successful school experience for both the child and family.

For the booklet, seepositive education planning. The booklet is developed by the Association for Children with a Disability.