Medical intervention support

If a student needs regular complex medical support at school, the school may be able to apply for Medical Intervention Support.

Medical Intervention Support funding supports schools to engage appropriately trained educational support staff to help students with medical needs at school.

The educational support staff must have completed specific training though a recognised health service or the Schoolcare Program.

Eligibility requirements

The eligibility requirements for Medical Intervention Support are:

  • the student has a specific medical condition that needs regular, specialised help at school
  • specialised staff training/instruction in the procedure to be performed is needed to support the student at school
  • refreshing of the training/instruction is completed at least once per year by a recognised healthcare professional.

Examples of procedures that may be included in Medical Intervention Support include:

  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Oxygen
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Suction
  • Tube feeding
  • Ostomy management
  • Management of faecal output.

For more information see the Medical intervention support guidelines and application form (DOCX, 6.79 MB)

Application process

The application must contain:

  • a completed Medical Intervention Support form
  • current medical and staff training documentation.

The outcome of the application will be emailed to the school principal.

See the Medical Intervention Support guidelines (DOCX, 6.79 MB)for full details about the application process


New applications for Medical Intervention Support can be submitted by 28 February each year.

Applications submitted after 28 February must be accompanied by a covering letter from the school principal detailing the reasons for submission after the application date. Applications after the close date will be accepted for:

  • students transferring during the school year
  • students with a deteriorating medical condition with recent onset of complex medical support requirements.

Responsibilities of the school

For students with Medical Intervention Support funding, schools are responsible for:

  • reviewing the medical support needs of the student/s as part of the Health Support Planning process completed at least annually or more frequently as needed
  • making sure regular refresher training is completed at least annually by a recognised healthcare professional
  • providing confirmation of current support needs and proof of training when requested.

Guidelines and application form

For information, including how to submit an application for Medical Intervention Support, see:

More information