Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES)

Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) is a curriculum assessment and reporting tool that:

  • allows teachers to assess students’ with disabilities readiness to learn
  • generates reports that help to plan for personalised learning
  • provides guidance material and strategies to help teach students based on their individual learning needs, with links to the appropriate curriculum level and resources
  • tracks student progress and achievements.

Access ABLES

Government schools can access ABLES from the ​Insight Assessment Platform.

If you require technical advice or support to access ABLES from the Insight Assessment Platform, contact insight.support@edumail.vic.gov.au

Introductory video


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ABLES in detail

Professional learning

The ABLES professional learning course is a free online course suitable for teachers and educational support staff.

The course comprises five modules, each focusing on a specific element of the ABLES suite of resources and each requiring approximately one hour of online participation to complete.

The professional learning modules provide information on how to:

  • complete the ABLES assessments
  • interpret and use the reports which the assessments generate
  • link these to curriculum planning, teaching and learning strategies to better support students with disabilities.

To access the training please visit the ABLES professional learning website​.

Enrolment key: Staff at Victorian government schools registering for the first time will require an enrolment key. Visit EduGate  to access the enrolment key.

The research behind ABLES

In 2007 the Department partnered with the University of Melbourne and worked with almost 700 teachers across 77 Victorian government schools that described approximately 1,700 students’ proficiency in four learning areas:

  • English – Speaking and listening
  • English – Reading and writing
  • Personal learning
  • Interpersonal development

This research informed the development of the ABLES resources which target and support the development of individual learning plans by providing knowledge about students’ readiness to learn in the four learning areas.

ABLES also provides recommended learning and teaching strategies for the relevant curriculum level enabling teachers to create high-quality targeted learning programs for all students.

ABLES experts

A network of 15 ABLES experts has been established to assist Victorian government schools in developing their knowledge and use of ABLES, with their contact details provided below.

ABLES experts are based in Victorian government schools or regional offices and have extensive knowledge in using ABLES to inform personalised learning planning for students with disabilities.

ABLES experts can assist schools interested in introducing ABLES by providing advice and support on how to integrate ABLES into their assessment and educational planning processes.

They can also provide materials, such as fact sheets and PowerPoints that will assist a school community to learn about what ABLES is and the benefits it offers.

ABLES expert contact details

North-east region
North-west region
South-east region
South-west region

Get advice

If you require further information regarding the ABLES resources or materials, please email the ABLES team at: ables@edumail.vic.gov.au

For technical support in accessing ABLES on the Insight Assessment Platform, please contact the ITD Service Desk at servicedesk@edumail.vic.gov.au or call 1800 641 943.