Law education for students with intellectual disability

Learning the law is a suite of teaching tools for teachers of students with a mild intellectual disability in years 8 to 12.

The tools help young people increase their:

  • knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities

  • ability to identify legal problems

  • confidence in seeking help.

To access the resource, visit Learning the law.

Teachers in mainstream schools who want simplified materials on legal topics may also find these tools useful.

Learning topics

  • Fines look at public transport and myki, authorised officers and what a young person can do if they get a public transport fine.

  • Driving looks at laws for drivers on learner permits, police powers, and what can happen in court.

Each topic includes:

  • a short film

  • a teachers’ resource with legal information, lesson plans, discussion questions and additional resources

  • a set of online activities that teachers can lead students through to unpack the legal issues raised in the film.


The department partnered with Victoria Legal Aid to create Learning the law.

Victoria Legal Aid is a state-wide organisation that helps people with their legal problems. Victoria Legal Aid focuses on supporting and protecting the rights of socially and economically disadvantaged Victorians.

For free information about the law and how Victoria Legal Aid can help you, call Legal Help on 1300 792 387 or visit Victoria Legal Aid.