Teaching and learning cycle lesson: level 5 and 6, The City

Lesson text

 The City by Armin Greder, first published by Allen & Unwin, Australia in 2010

Set in what could possibly be medieval Europe, a mother takes her child away from the city, in order to spare him the dangers he might encounter there. She takes the child to a place far away and happily cares for him, until one moonless night she dies. Insecure and full of fear the boy sets off to find his own way in the world.

The text contains the following areas for investigation:

  • charcoal and pencil illustrations
  • colour and shade
  • vectors
  • salience
  • the use of white spaces
  • multiple images to form a sequence
  • framing
  • varied sentence structures
  • the use of adjectivals and adverbials
  • sentence theme (what is positioned as prominent in a sentence)
  • verb groups
  • noun groups
  • pronouns.


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