Teaching and learning cycle lesson: level 5 and 6, The Island

Lesson text

 The Island by Armin Greder. First published by Allen & Unwin, Australia in 2007.

An unknown man arrives on a remote island. Despite recognising their obligation to care for him, the islanders are threatened and frightened by the man's difference. This fear progresses into anger and the islanders send the man back to the sea.

This text deals with emotional issues, such as refugees, racism, humanity and inhumanity, acceptance of difference, communities and fear. It will need to be explored with care and sensitivity.

The text contains:

  • the use of white spaces
  • framing of illustrations
  • colour
  • charcoal as an art medium
  • pictorial symbolism
  • use of size and perspective in illustrations
  • use of line to show movement
  • dialogue to highlight different perspectives
  • use of pronouns
  • action verbs
  • language of affect (language to express feelings) For example: "Foreigner spreads fear in town…" ).