Creating texts: interpreting, analysing, evaluating texts

In English, students create a range of spoken, written and multimodal texts that entertain, inform and persuade audiences.

Planning is an important step in creating texts and students need support to select key aspects of a topic as well as language, visual and audio features.

Students also need to understand the structural and linguistic features of the texts they intend to create. Explicit teaching about the features of key genres can be assisted with worked examples that show students how texts are constructed and prepare them to create their own texts.

Creating their own texts requires students to:

  • edit for meaning and effect by refining ideas
  • reorder sentences
  • add or substitute words for clarity
  • remove repetition.

This includes teaching strategies that target spelling, punctuation and grammar.

The strategies below have been grouped according to whether they address understanding at the word/sentence level or paragraph/text level.