Data collection tool

A practical resource that will assist schools to work with their community to better respond to and prevent bullying.


The data capture tool will help school principals, leaders and teachers gain an insight into the experiences and opinions of their school community in regards to safety and wellbeing, including bullying in the school environment. Within this tool you'll find content tailored for leadership and school staff, students and parents.

It consists of two key elements.


The surveys include a series of questions that provide respondents with an opportunity to offer their personal views on the current school environment; the level to which it is safe and supportive; any bullying that is occurring; the school's capacity to prevent, manage and respond to issues and incidents; as well as recommendations that may help to improve the current school environment and bullying prevention policies.


It is anticipated that schools review, analyse and share the results, in conjunction with other relevant school data (e.g. Attitudes to School Survey). Schools will be able to reflect upon their current state of play including community perspectives on bullying; the school's perceived ability to effectively prevent, manage and respond when issues/incidents arise; and identify any further work that could be done to improve the current school environment and bullying prevention policies.

Discussion and reporting

The discussion stimulated through analysis of the survey results could be used as the basis of a written report to inform whole-school strategic plans, policies and other mechanisms that can address bullying and the overall safety and wellbeing of students in the school environment.

Who can complete the survey?

The school leadership team can decide who will complete the survey. Options include, but are not limited to:

  • a working group of 6-8 members (e.g. staff members, parents, students)
  • the leadership team
  • all staff members, students and parents (e.g. each person completes a hardcopy of the survey and a team coordinate and key the responses into the tool). 

Accessing the online data collection tool

Victorian government schools have access to the online Data Collection Tool that is located with the Department's eduGate portal. This portal is available to all Department staff who have a UserID and password.

Principals who wish to use the Data Collection Tool will need to use the school's UserID and password. To access the tool, see Data Collection Tool.

Schools that do not have a UserID and password can download a PDF versions of the surveys. To access the surveys, see: 

Are you have problems trying to access the Data Collection Tool? To access some tips, see: Troubleshooting the Data Collection Tool (pdf - 194.65kb)