Wellbeing with Melbourne Football Club

We have partnered with Melbourne Football Club to bring you important information, tips and messages on wellbeing.

Neville talks about checking-in

Neville Jetta shares ways you can check in on your child while learning from home.

Nathan talks routine

Nathan Jones talks about the importance of setting up a routine for your child while learning from home.

Angus talks resilience

What makes you resilient? Angus Brayshaw talks about his experiences and shares tips to support and build your resilience.


Libby and Paxy talk physical activity

Karen Paxman and Libby Birch talk about the importance of physical activity and their favourite ways to stay active.

Physical activity advice sheet


Jack and Christian talk mindfulness

Jack Viney and Christian Salem share ways to practice mindfulness and how they use this to reduce stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness advice sheet


Tom and Sam talk gratitude

Tom McDonald and Sam Weideman discuss facing challenges and how finding things to be grateful for everyday can make a big difference to overcoming them.

Gratitude activity advice sheet