Department program

Cybersafety advice sheets

These documents provide helpful advice regarding safe and appropriate behaviour.

For adults


Inappropriate content

Young people have access to a virtually limitless world so parents should be aware of the risks.



Online interactions are becoming as important as face-to-face ones. Learn how to manage your online relationships and develop good ‘netiquette’.


Online grooming

Young people are quick to embrace and explore the online world but parents should be aware of the risks.


Problematic internet use

Young people and the online world are synonymous but when does it become excessive?



For people under 18, non-consensual sexting is illegal and penalties can be very serious.


Social media

Young people are quick to join online communities but they need parental awareness, advice and some supervision.

For kids


Primary: Digital tattoo

Once stuff about you goes online there is no knowing who will see it, or when they will see it.


Primary: Pressure pix

Mobile devices have made the taking and sharing of images so easy that people sometimes don’t think about the consequences of their actions


Primary: It’s private

Digital media is so easy to copy, edit and share that we sometimes forget that we sometimes forget that it isn’t always ‘ours’


Primary: Remix

When researching a project, it is important to know when and how to use other people’s work.


Primary: Worth the risk

It can be surprising how much information about you can be available online when you use social media.


Secondary: Digital tattoo

The things that make up your ‘digital reputation’ are like tattoos—once they’re there, they last forever.


Secondary: Pressure pix

We can be embarrassed by images of ourselves that are shown online.


Secondary: It’s private

It is important to protect your online identity.


Secondary: Remix

It is important to know when and how to use other people’s work.


Secondary: Real friends

Is your online behaviour effecting you offline?


Secondary: Worth the risk

You need to be careful about what personal information you share online. The person you are interacting with may not be who they say they are.