Why is my child being bullied?

Here's some surprising things about why your child might be bullied.

Students in class 

Does this describe your child?

Research has shown that young people who are bullied often have these common characteristics and beliefs.

Targets of bullying can often:

  • be intelligent
  • be creative
  • be successful
  • be optimistic
  • be empathetic
  • be diligent and conscientious
  • strive for perfection
  • be idealistic and incorruptible
  • be courageous
  • be loyal and honest
  • be trusting
  • be dependable, helpful and selfless
  • be reasonable and slow to anger
  • be tolerant and forgiving
  • be quick to apologise
  • be non-violent
  • have a sense of humour
  • have an ability to think long term
  • have an ability to master new skills
  • have a desire to always think well of others
  • have high coping skills under stress
  • have an unwillingness to lower their standards
  • have a strong well-defined set of values
  • have high expectations of those in authority
  • have a dislike of incompetent people in positions of power who abuse that power.

Many people bully others because they feel bad about themselves. Children who are bullied need to be supported as they often believe the negative things they hear and feel ashamed.  They can:

  • be self-deprecating
  • be indecisive
  • be deferential
  • be approval seeking
  • be unassertive
  • be dependent
  • be naive
  • have difficulty saying no
  • have a tendency to internalise anger rather than express it.