eSmart schools

​Helping schools improve cybersafety and deal with cyberbullying

eSmart Schools, an initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, provides schools with a framework to create a safe cyber environment for students.

In February 2018, the Victorian Government announced additional funding for eSmart Schools to make it available to every Victorian government, Catholic and independent school at no charge.

eSmart is a web based framework that assists schools to develop a culture that promotes the safe, smart and responsible use of technology. Once registered, schools are supported to work through a framework of six domains:

  • effective school organisation
  • school plans, policies and procedures
  • respectful and caring school community
  • effective teacher practices
  • an eSmart curriculum
  • partnerships with parents and the local community.

The framework integrates cybersafety with the school’s existing knowledge and practices about student wellbeing and child safety.

eSmart supports students to embrace the benefits of technology while reducing their exposure to and improving their ability to respond appropriately to cyber risks, such as cyberbullying, online sexual predation, identity theft and fraud.

eSmart provides a set of tools for:

  • principals—how to tackle bullying and cyberbullying
  • teachers—training, lesson plans and activities for students
  • parents—how to see signs and get help.

How schools can get involved

Web: eSmart schools

Phone: eSmart Schools Program Support 1300 592 151