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The following documents assist you to create or update your Recruitment Online (ROL) profile allowing Principals and Recruiters to search for and offer you potential employment.

Teacher Recruitment Initiative

  • ROL Teacher Recruitment Initiative - New User (PDF) (WORD)
  • ROL Teacher Recruitment Initiative - Current User (PDF) (WORD)
  • Teacher Recruitment Initiative Applicant Fact Sheet (PDF) (WORD)
  • Teacher Recruitment Initiative Applicant Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (WORD)

Tutor Job Opportunities

  • ROL Tutor Job Opportunities - New User (PDF) (WORD)
  • ROL Tutor Job Opportunities - Returning User (PDF) (WORD)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (WORD)

Submit your interest and relevant details using the Recruitment Online Tutor Portal (for new/returning users)

General ROL Information and Help

All vacancies in Victorian Government Schools are advertised on Recruitment Online (ROL).

Following the update of ROL to the new look the following Videos and FAQ documents are now available.  

  • ROL Frequently Asked Questions - Applicant portal  (WORD)

Video Help

Documented help

  • ROL Job Search  (PDF) (WORD) - last updated 28 September 2020
  • ROL Apply for a Job  (PDF) (WORD) - last updated 28 September 2020
  • ROL Applicant Job Opportunities  (PDF) (WORD) - last updated 11 October 2022

NOTE:  All attachment names must be unique for every application you submit.  

  • A suggestion is to save your attachments with the Job ID number in the file name. 
    For example: 1010009-Resume or 1010009-KSCResponse.

To access this help page quickly use the Help link on each page from within Recruitment Online.

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