Emergency Management

​​All early childhood services in Victoria must have emergency and evacuation policies and procedures.  In addition, those listed in the Bushfire At-Risk Register must also submit their updated Emergency Management Plan (EMP) by 21 November of each year.

The Department has developed a range of resources to assist early childhood services to develop their emergency plans and, where relevant, their bushfire preparedness and response plan.

Early Childhood Services on the Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR)

Schools and early childhood services at the highest risk of bushfire danger are placed on the Department's Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR).

Inclusion on this register triggers the school or early childhood service to pre-emptively close down on Code Red days declared by their Bureau of Meteorology district.

To check if your service is located on the register, see: Bushfire At-Risk Register

Deadline to submit Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

All early childhood services listed on the Department's BARR are required as a condition of their service approval or licence to operate, to submit their current EMP to the Quality Assessment and Regulation Division (QARD) annually by 21 November.

Submission processes

There are different processes for National Quality Framework (NQF) Services and Licensed Children's Services.  Each process is set out below:

National Quality Framework (NQF) Services

Services approved under the National Law can submit their EMP to their respective QAR Regional Office. For a list of QAR Regional Offices, see:

Alternatively, you can submit your EMP via the National IT system (NQA ITS). You can upload your emergency management plan by completing a Notification of Change to Information About an Approved Service (SA12) form.

As part of this form, please complete the following actions:

  1. Select Option 3: Proposed change to the centre based service or family day care venue premises
  2. In the available text box, please enter "EMP 2017"
  3. At the end of the notification you will be able to upload your service's current Emergency Management Plan
  4. Submit

To complete this form, see:

NQF services experiencing problems uploading to NQA ITS should email their EMP to their relevant QARD regional office.

Licensed Children's Services

Services licensed under the Children's Services Act 1996 can submit their EMP to their respective QAR Regional Office.

For a list of QAR Regional Offices, see:

When emailing your Emergency Management Plan please title the subject so that it clearly indicates the service name.

For example: Melbourne Day Care Centre – Emergency Management Plan 2017


The Department encourages all early childhood services to utilise the resources and regularly review their emergency management plans to ensure the ongoing safety of your service community.

Tutorials and online training​


Guide to Developing an Emergency Management Plan (docx - 7.51mb)

Fact Sheet Managing bushfire risks in centre based services (pdf - 143.13kb)

Human Influenza Pandemic Incident Response Procedures (docx - 1.2mb)

Bushfire and Grassfire Readiness Checklist (docx - 131.14kb)


It is not mandatory to follow the provided template, but if you have developed a plan you should review this example to ensure you have adequately addressed all potential risks.