Traffic safety

​This page includes traffic safety teaching materials, professional learning and readings.

The Department works with road safety agencies to build these resources.​

Professional learning

These documents are presented in their complete format. Permission must be obtained from the owners (contact RACV Ph 9790 2991 or Department Ph 9637 3328 as appropriate) for the documents to be used in any other manner.

Traffic safety agencies

Contact details for key agencies that support traffic safety education in schools are listed below.

Agency: Transport Accident Commission
Area of Expertise: Road Safety
Address: 60 Brougham Street, Geelong 3220
Phone: 5225 6738
Fax: 9656 9300

Agency: VicRoads - Road safety education
Area of Expertise:
Road Safety
Address: 1 Spring Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone: 9854 1884

Agency: Victoria Police (Youth Initiatives and Programs)
Address: Victoria Police Centre, GPO Box 913, Melbourne 3001
Phone: 9247 6666

Agency: Royal Automobile Club of Victoria - Road Safety
Area of Expertise:
Road Safety Public Policy
Address: 550 Princes Hwy, Noble Park 3174
Phone: 9790 2991

Agency: Metro Community Education Unit
Area of Expertise:
Education Programs
Phone: 9619 4652

Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Area of Expertise: Sport and Recreation, Physical Activity - Active Transport Initiatives
Address: 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
Phone: 1300 650 172

Agency: VicHealth
Area of Expertise: Health Promotion
Address: Ground floor, 15-31 Pelham Street, Carlton 3053
Phone: 9667 1333

Agency: Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Area of Expertise: Transport
Address: 1 Spring Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone: 9651 9999


Good Practice Road Safety for Young People

Many community groups, schools and the general public are very concerned about the level of road trauma among young drivers and are motivated to address this. To support community groups and schools to deliver effective community and school-based road safety for young people, the Victorian Community Road Safety Partnership Program and the Victorian Road Safety Education Reference Group arranged for the development of the following resources to help inform local program development and delivery.

  • Effective Community and School-Based Road Safety For Young People: A Summary of the Research
  • Youth Road Safety: Effective Practice
  • Fact Sheet 1 – Road Safety Education in Senior Secondary Schools: Good Practice Guide
  • Fact Sheet 2 – Community Road Safety: Young Road User Safety Good Practice Guide
  • Fact Sheet 3 – High-Risk Young Drivers and Young Offenders: Good Practice Guide
  • Fact Sheet 4 – What Doesn't Work for Young Road Users and Why

The above good practice guides are available at: Road Safety Education Victoria – Research

Teacher Resource Toolkit

The Toolkit will support teachers to extend and reinforce key messages and learning from the Road Smart program through ten interactive lessons.

  • the Safe System philosophy
  • types of road users and how they manage risks
  • rights and responsibilities of different road users
  • personal factors that influence road use, and /li>
  • safer vehicles and their characteristics.

Further information about Road Smart is available at: Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) - School Resources

Stay Bus Safe

The Victorian Government’s Stay Bus Safe Around the Bus Stop initiative aims to ensure that the 70,000 students in Victoria who use the rural bus network each day continue to travel safely.

Do your students know how to stay safe when getting off the school bus?

Below is a brochure for teachers as well as a range of fun and educational resources to help teach kids in class how to stay safe around the school bus stop.

Brochure and posters

Classroom materials

Bus safety video

This initiative is jointly funded by DEECD and the Department of Transport. Originally developed as a SOFNet TV program for teachers and transmitted on SOFNet in 2000, the program has been redeveloped into a video format. The video includes:

  • the complete TV program
  • separate segments designed for use with students in the classroom
  • separate segments designed for use with parents
  • notes for teachers.

The program shows teachers, parents and students about all the essential bus safety issues, practical activities and resources.

View video: Bus safety - One near miss is a near miss too many

View transcript: Bus safety - One near miss is a near miss too many (RTF)

Other resources

Victoria's Road Safety Education Action Plan 2014-2016

Vic Roads resources for Primary Schools

Vic Roads Starting out Safely is the core Traffic Safety Education program for children under six years of age.

The Student Driver Policy Guidelines have been revised in collaboration with the Victorian Road Safety Education Reference Group to support schools to develop and update their own student driver policy guidelines.

VicRoads Safe To School: Improving safety at school drop off and pick up times – VicRoads has developed parent education materials, along with information and advice for schools, to help improve children and young people’s safety during school drop off and pick up times.

Vehicle insurance for Pre-licence Education programs (doc - 686 (doc - 686.5kb) – complete this form to insure vehicles for off-road driver training.