Sexuality education

​​This section includes teaching resources from 'catching on' sexuality education training.

Catching on has been provided to Victorian schools since 2004 and become the phrase used to identify the Department’s sexuality education resources. Catching on resources have been made possible through the partnership between this Department and the Department of Human Services.

About sexuality education

Information on why we need sexuality education , government policy, the National Framework for Education about STIs, HIV/AIDS & Blood-borne Viruses, whole-school learning, research and supporting evidence.

Teaching programs

Program development information and supporting resources for a whole-school learning approach to sexuality education, including the national framework and respecting diversity.

Professional learning

Information on training opportunities for teachers and school staff on the implementation of inclusive sexuality education.

Learning and teaching

Information on engaging parents, curriculum policy and learning and teaching resources to support the delivery of sexuality education.

For principals

Policy information on the role of school leaders, school councils and respecting diversity.

Parent resources

The role of parents, downloadable support resources and links to websites for parents.

Prevention and support

Sexuality-related resources for teachers and school staff, focusing on prevention and student wellbeing. An outline of external resources is included.​