A child's level of physical activity is influenced by many factors, including their individual skills, their family lifestyle and the environment in which they live, learn and play. Schools are at the heart of all Victorian communities and are vital in preparing young Victorians to lead a physically active and healthy life.

What makes an active school

An active school encourages physical activity through a whole school approach that goes beyond traditional physical education and sport to promote physical activity at every opportunity.

The joint ministerial statement, Active Schools, Active Kids, Active Communities, highlights the Victorian Government’s commitment to improving physical activity in all Victorians to improve health, wellbeing and educational outcomes.

A key part of this statement, the active schools framework, supports schools to take a whole school approach to physical activity, recognising there is no single solution to shifting inactivity; it takes a multifaceted and system wide effort.

Many schools may already be taking action in some of these areas, but many also need support to enhance their current approach. This toolkit provides guidance and practical strategies that schools and teachers can use to help them become an active school.

Explore the tiles below to understand the framework and plan and implement change in your school to get your students moving more and sitting less.

Further information

For further information on the Active Schools initiative visit Active schools.

Contact and feedback

If you have questions about the toolkit or the active schools initiative, contact the team at active.schools@education.vic.gov.au.