Sexuality professional learning

This page provides resources and information about professional learning opportunities in the areas of sexuality education and sexual diversity.

The programs aim to assist teachers and school leaders in the development and delivery of comprehensive sexuality education. These programs can also include a program-development focus to assist in the delivery of a whole-school learning approach. 

Various external providers also offer professional learning with a focus on prevention or student wellbeing. For example, focussing on unwanted pregnancies, sexual assault and homophobic bullying. 

For more information, refer to: Prevention and Support.

Sexuality education

Sexual Health Victoria training courses

Sexual Health Victoria offers primary and secondary school teachers a range of statewide education and training programs on all aspects of sexual and reproductive health education. The training is in line with Victorian Government policy and recommendations. 

For more information, refer to: Professional Learning for Teachers.

Sexual diversity

All of the above professional learning opportunities include a focus on sexual diversity. The professional learning resources listed below exclusively focus on this area to assist teachers in ensuring their school’s sexuality education program includes sexual diversity. ‘SSAFE – Learning and teaching resources’, available on the Learning & Teaching page, provides further professional learning opportunities.

For curriculum policy guidelines, learning and teaching tools with a sexual diversity focus, and ‘SSAFE – Learning and teaching resources’ refer to

Additional sexual diversity training and support

The following websites provide up-to-date information on the latest programs in sexual diversity training.

  • Rainbow Network - The Rainbow Network provides workshops, information and support to schools in order to ensure their learning environments are safe and inclusive. Their website includes the network contact list and information on their latest workshops.
  • The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission - The Commission offers professional development programs that assist school communities to create safer learning environments and meeting their obligations under the law.

For further information about some of these programs, including cost, refer to: External Providers.

Kaleidoscope Manual– Professional development module

This teacher professional development module (content revised 2007) was originally included in the Kaleidoscope Manual (2004). The author Vivien Ray has provided the module with permission from the Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service. Funding for the development of this resource was made available through the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Kaleidoscope support materials that can be utilised in this module are available on the following pages of this website:

  • For parents - ‘Drug prevention and family support for same-sex attracted young people’ and ‘Fostering resilience in children of lesbian and gay families’.
  • Prevention & support - Referral and support resource list.

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