Resources for learning difficulties

These resources should form part of a broader approach to meet the needs of children and young people with learning difficulties.

They can be used in early childhood, primary and secondary settings.

Teaching and learning

Focused teaching strategies – reading difficulties and dyslexia - teaching strategies to support the development of students’ knowledge and skills in reading.

Literacy teaching toolkit - practical advice and high impact teaching practices that improve outcomes in reading, writing and speaking and listening.

Numeracy teaching toolkit - information and resources to support numeracy development from Birth to Level 10.

AllPlay Learn - practical online evidence-based resources for teachers.

Resources for working with children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) including:

  • Working with children with DCD
  • Strategies for handwriting
  • Strategies for physical education.

Other resources

Understanding Learning Difficulties: A Practical Guide - advice on a wide range of strategies for use in the classroom to more effectively support and meet the needs of students with learning difficulties.

Reasonable adjustments - examples of reasonable adjustments for students with difficulties in reading, writing, mathematics, attention and concentration.

Using technology and online tools to help support students with additional needs - information on resources such as audio books, electronic texts and online applications.