Literacy and English for Koorie students

Teaching materials and guides to help with literacy and English for Koorie students.

Koorie English Online

Koorie English is a legitimate dialect with unique linguistic features that distinguish it from Standard Australian English. How a teacher recognises Koorie English as a language base, and as an expression of culture, correlates with student achievement and engagement.

The Koorie English Online resources provide a framework for teachers to understand the features of Koorie English and utilise strategies that best support their students.

What Works - Princi​​​​pals as Leaders in Teaching Literacy

What Works. The Work Program is a set of resources designed to help schools and those who work in them improve outcomes for Indigenous students. The 'core issues' series is an attempt to distil some topic-based key directions for practical action. 

Early Years Koorie Liter​​acy and Numeracy Program

Early Years Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program gives funding to schools to address the gap in educational outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.

Koorie Literac​y Project

A series of eight teaching and learning videos to improve Koorie students’ reading comprehension:

The package of videos also includes two good news stories that provide an overview of the project and the views of the participants: