Literacy and English professional development

​​​​Training and development to help school teachers build their English and literacy practice.

For general teaching practice development see the improve your teaching section.

Literacy professional learning​​ directory

We're developing a directory of providers who offer literacy focused professional learning. 

The directory will help government school leaders find and engage literacy experts to work with their school to improve literacy outcomes. School leaders will be able search for specific specialisations, year levels, and delivery methods.

The directory will also include information about each provider’s key models and approaches, and how their services are aligned to Victorian policies, programs, and strategies.

The first round of provider applications has closed. Further rounds will be announced in 2019.

School leaders in Victorian government schools are under no obligation to use suppliers listed in the directory. You will still negotiate with, and engage suppliers using established procurement processes. 

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​Leading Literacy Lea​rning Suite

Bastow offers the Literacy Leader Learning Suite of professional learning designed to build your knowledge and capacity to lead literacy improvement across your school and within your network.

Literacy Masterclass Series

Bastow’s Literacy Masterclass Series is a selection of four one-off webinars designed to support literacy leaders, teachers and principals to embed practice excellence and lift literacy outcomes across Victoria.

Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students

Di Snowball's Effective Literacy Teaching and Learning for all Students program includes strategies to identify students’ strengths and needs, and how teachers can use this knowledge to plan their teaching.

This program provides assistance in:

  • fully understanding the components of a literacy curriculum
  • how to continually assess them
  • how to teach students in the most effective ways.

School leadership plays a major role in this work. Supporting leaders with knowledge to properly guide their school curriculum ensure their teachers are doing the best possible work to achieve success for all students.

Teachers agreed to be filmed in their normal classroom practices for this program. The film clips of actual teaching can generate discussion, help to build common understanding and inform teaching practices. The introductory video has thoughts and advice about the teaching of reading, independent reading and reading conferences.

The program also contains support documents relating to "Reading - Teaching, Conferring and Planning for Years P-9" - a professional learning course for teachers designed by Di Snowball.

Online learning course: Analysing EOI data to improve litera​cy outcomes 

The analysing EOI data to improve literacy outcomes online learning course is designed for teachers using:

  • English Online Interview (EOI)
  • Diagnostic Assessment Tools in English (DATE)
  • and other Department resources that identify literacy learning difficulties in young students. 

This learning program will: 

  1. support you to interpret, identify, measure and address capability gaps
  2. provide you with information about the causes of early literacy difficulties
  3. demonstrate how data from assessments such as the English Online Interview can help to identify students with literacy learning difficulties, 
  4. inform you about some of the other tools, resources and supports available to teach students who need additional support.