Literacy and English professional development

​​​​Training and development to help school teachers build their English and literacy practice.

For general teaching practice development see the improve your teaching section.

Bastow Literacy Professional Learning

Bastow’s Literacy Suite is a selection of professional learning that will assist you to lift student outcomes by developing strong leaders who drive whole-school literacy improvement.

Online course: Analysing EOI data to improve literacy outcomes 

The analysing EOI data to improve literacy outcomes online learning course is designed for teachers using:

  • English Online Interview (EOI)
  • Diagnostic Assessment Tools in English (DATE)
  • and other Department resources that identify literacy learning difficulties in young students. 

This learning program will: 

  1. support you to interpret, identify, measure and address capability gaps
  2. provide you with information about the causes of early literacy difficulties
  3. demonstrate how data from assessments such as the English Online Interview can help to identify students with literacy learning difficulties, 
  4. inform you about some of the other tools, resources and supports available to teach students who need additional support.

​Webinars: Literacy in Foundation to Year 2 classrooms

This 6-part 90-minute series elaborates on the literacy teaching and learning strategies from the literacy Teaching Toolkit for Foundation to Level 2 students. The webinars cover:

Webinars: Literacy Teaching Toolkit Levels 7 – 10

This webinar series introduces secondary teachers to the Literacy Teaching Toolkit Levels 7 – 10. Each webinar focuses on one of the seven curriculum areas: