Supporting high-ability students at your school

Schools play a key role in supporting teachers to develop their teaching practice to meet the needs of high-ability students.

Planning for high-ability students at your school

Utilising the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO), schools should consider the teaching and learning of high-ability students in both their annual and day to day planning.

To assess the needs of your school, consider the following questions:

  • How does your school identify high-ability students?
  • What supports are in place for high-ability students?
  • How effective are these approaches?
  • How can the school’s leadership support teachers of high-ability students?
  • Do you communicate to your school community and parents about high-ability students?
  • How does your school celebrate high-ability students?

Implementing the Student Excellence Program within schools

The implementation of the Student Excellence Program is designed to be streamlined and flexible.

Steps for schools:

  1. Teacher participation
    • Utilise the high-ability toolkit
  2. School Participation
  3. Provide Access
    Teachers and schools can build their knowledge and skills by:
    • Collaborating with other participating schools in their network
    • Providing opportunities for high-ability students to participate in local masterclasses with other students from their area
  4. Communicate
    • Update the school website with a statement that explains the school’s approach to the education of highly-ability students

High-ability practice leaders

High-ability practice leaders can contribute to the leadership and learning of high-ability students in their schools and can choose to collaborate in their network. This may include participating in the following ways:

Within the school:

  • The leader and champion of high-ability education
  • Support their colleagues and be a point of advice in relation to high-ability students
  • Coordinate students from their school to participate in the Victorian High-Ability Program (VHAP) and the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES).
    Visit Student Excellence Program for more information.
  • Communicate their school’s approach to the education of high-ability students

Within the network:

  • Champion for their school’s approach
  • Collaborate with other high-ability practice leaders through professional learning opportunities
  • Professional learning for high-ability practice leaders:
  • A series of virtual professional learning sessions that focus on identifying and supporting high-ability students in Victorian classrooms
  • Face-to-face workshops that provide a forum for high-ability practice leaders to connect and collaborate following the online professional learning sessions

Programs and centres for high-ability students

There are programs that offer high-ability students the chance to participate in engaging and challenging learning experiences.



  • Tech Schools use innovative, leading-edge technology and discovery to give Victorian secondary school students the skills they need to flourish in the global economy. They are a link between schools and industry to provide innovative learning programs. 
  • School for Student Leadership
  • The network of six Victorian science and mathematics specialist centres:

Visit our Student Excellence Program for more information about the initiatives that support government primary and secondary schools.