Note 11: enhancing literacy learning with the pedagogical model

​The Pedagogical Model comprises five domains of teaching instruction: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

The Pedagogical Model resource describes continua of practice across each domain and teachers can use the Model as an instructional reference. The resource details how high quality teaching practices in each of the Model’s domains enhances student learning.

Teachers can also reference the Pedagogical domains to create engaging and challenging learning experiences for students. These experiences can occur in the classroom and also in partnership with carers and parents.

School leaders can use the Pedagogical Model to develop a shared language and facilitate consistent teaching practice across the school. The resource can be an effective reference for reflective discussion about teaching practice and professional learning needs.

This professional practice note provides advice and practical examples for school leaders and teachers to use the Pedagogical Model to enhance literacy learning.

Professional practice note 11: enhancing literacy learning with the pedagogical model