Tools to carry out assessment

Online assessment tools: Insight Assessment Platform

Our collection of online assessment tools, all aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10, is found on the Insight Assessment Platform.

The platform supports high quality assessment practices and provides teachers with information they can use to target the learning needs of students as they progress along the learning continuum.

Tailored assessment tools are also listed within the website sections for each curriculum learning area. See Teaching and curriculum to browse each curriculum.

Tools on the Insight platform include:

Literacy and Numeracy Check-in Assessments

The Literacy and Numeracy Check-in Assessments are online tools to help you assess Grade 5 and Year 9 students’ proficiency in reading and numeracy.  

Each Assessment has 40-45 multiple choice items aligned to the National Literacy and Numeracy Progressions. The Assessments are recommended for onsite learning (if using in a remote/flexible context, schools will need to authenticate student responses as the students’ own work).

The Assessments provide immediate reporting feedback on achievement of individual students and groups through a range of reports.

The Check-in Assessments are available for the duration of Term 4 2020.

Check-in Assessment Guidance

The Check-in Assessment Guidance provides advice and step-by-step instructions on how to access, assign and review reporting for the Check-in Assessments. 

Check-in Assessment Access

Access the Check-in Assessments via: Insight Assessment Platform.

For technical support, please either:

  1. Log a request via the service gateway
  2. Send an email to
  3. Phone the service desk on 1800 641 943

Short Assessments for Literacy and Numeracy 

The Department has provided a number of Short Assessments for reading, language conventions and numeracy that can be used to formatively assess students across Levels 3 to 10. These assessments are mapped to the National Literacy and Numeracy Progressions and can be used in both remote and flexible learning and onsite learning environments. 

The assessments can be delivered to students using either Microsoft Forms, Google Forms or teachers can download in a PDF format for printing or emailing to students. Teachers can edit the Assessments to align more closely with their teaching and learning program(s). Reporting feedback, including individual and group responses, is immediately available to support teachers to identify next steps in teaching and learning for each student.

Guidance to access and use the Short Assessments 

This Guidance provides operational information about how to access the Short Assessments and instructions on how to copy, edit and share the Assessments using PDF, M365 and G Suite for Education.  

Short Assessment spreadsheets

Each Short Assessment spreadsheet includes:

  • Relevant Victorian Curriculum F-10 Level
  • Assessment Name
  • Link to Microsoft Form 
  • Link to Google Form
  • Link to PDF 
  • National Literacy and Numeracy Progressions and Indicator for each question 
  • Correct answer for each question.

Access the short assessment spreadsheets (eduPass login required)

Other assessment tools

EAL Assessment and reporting - provides a framework for assessing student achievement and developing effective learning programs for students learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) in Victorian schools.