Student reports

Advice and resources to support schools report on the achievement and progress of students from Prep to Year 10.

Student reports provide meaningful information for teachers, students and their parents/carers on students' achievement and progress against clearly defined standards; this includes what has been learned and how well, where improvement is needed, and what should be done next.

Student reporting is both process and product.

  • Student reporting refers to the school's processes and approaches to reporting student achievement and progress, this includes the 'when', 'who' and 'how' of reporting. 
  • Student reports refers to the formal document, it is the 'what' of student reporting. Student reports comprise high-level, point-in-time judgements of achievement and progress that are determined through analysis of a range of assessment evidence.  

Reporting student achievement and progress F-10 policy

The department's policy outlines school obligations relating to student reporting across Foundation to Level 10 to parents/carers and the department. This includes commonwealth legislative and regulatory requirements as well as those outlined by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority and Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

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Student reporting professional learning program

An on-demand, online student reporting professional learning program has been developed to support school leaders to strengthen student reporting by engaging in learning with their school communities. Participants will be guided through collaborative investigations, analysis of evidence and provided with scaffolds that enable strategic design, planning and facilitation of the processes. This program involves four learning focus areas:

  1. Reimaging student reporting - Partnering to learn with families, students, and colleagues
  2. Laying the foundations - Strengthening assessment design
  3. Assessment and reporting - Strengthening teacher judgements against standards
  4. Meaningful reporting – Making sense of our learning and taking action

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