Before completing the Online Student Reporting Professional Learning program (program), the school leadership team should work through the following steps:  

1. Familiarise yourselves with our student reporting requirements. 

a. Read over the minimum requirements: Reporting Student Achievement and Progress Foundation to 10 policy

2. Familiarise yourself with the program.

a. Navigate through the 5 sections of the program: Orienting, Learning, Evaluating, Resources, and Glossary.

3. Establish members for consultation groups

a. An investigation team made up of school and teacher leaders. This team will lead and take part in each of the four Learning Focus Areas (LFAs). At times they will invite other teachers to join, especially when engaging students.

b. A Learning Community Focus Group made up of a representative sample of students, teachers, parents, and carers.  While it is recommended you select four from each population, you can select more or less according to availability. 

4. Plan learning

a. Start at LFA 1 – Partnering to Learn with families, students, and colleagues with the investigation team. The learning community focus group will also participate in LFA1. 

b. Once LFA1 is completed, reconvene the investigation team and decide how to stage and pace the next two investigations which focus on Assessment.

c. Work through  LFA 2 – Strengthening assessment design with the investigation team. The student focus group will also participate in LFA2.

d. Work through LFA 3 – Strengthening teacher judgements against standards with the investigation team. Teacher focus groups will also participate in LFA3.

e. Once LFA 1-3 are complete, begin LFA 4 – Making sense of our learning and taking action. LFA 4 brings together the learning of the participants from LFAs 1-3 to develop an action plan.

5. Complete evaluations

a. Complete the relevant evaluation at the end of each LFA.

b. Schedule an Overall Evaluation 6 - 12 months after starting the program to investigate the impact. (Visit: Evaluating)