Resources - Using Technology

Educational technologies can be used to support students with reading difficulties by providing opportunities for individual and independent practising of skills. The use of audiobooks, electronic books (including talking books), online texts and specific reading skill activities and programs can complement and reinforce focused teaching in the classroom.

Audio books

Audiobooks can be used in conjunction with written texts to reinforce reading behaviours. Audiobooks may be used to scaffold students to access texts that are above their reading level and may be of particular benefit for older students to support positive attitudes to reading.

Electronic texts

Electronic texts are presented visually and may incorporate illustrations and text enhancements which provide definitions of words or background information.

These texts can be modified to suit the needs of the reader, for example increasing the size of the font or colour of the text. Online texts often contain hypermedia including links to text, data, audio or video to support the reader.

Electronic talking books contain embedded speech. Ebooks provide students with immediate access to the pronunciation of specific words within the text and may offer features such as enabling students to control the speed that the text is read.

Specific reading instruction programs

Reading instruction programs provide activities that range from letter recognition to vocabulary building exercises.