Learning difficulties

Students with learning difficulties may have problems with reading, writing, maths or paying attention in class. They may also be disengaged or show signs of poor social-emotional health.

A learning difficulty can be caused by a neurodevelopmental condition that affects the way a student behaves and/or processes information.

It can also be caused by environmental or physical factors that affect their ability to learn. This may include:

  • long absences from school
  • financial disadvantage
  • undiagnosed visual or hearing impairments
  • socio-economic factors.

To be inclusive of all children and young people with learning difficulties, educators need to understand the policies and practices around inclusive education.

They also need to understand the strengths and needs of each student and adopt strategies to support students that are part of a whole-school approach to teaching, learning and support.

For more information, tools and guidance to support students with learning difficulties, visit the Diverse Learners Hub..

Numeracy and maths
Teaching materials, support and professional development to help you improve numeracy outcomes in the classroom.

Learning Difficulties Information Guides

The Learning Difficulties Information Guides are a foundation for understanding learning difficulties in numeracy and literacy. These guides can assist school leaders and teachers to understand more about the needs of students with learning difficulties.

Containing information to help implement school-wide responses, this guide also assists school leaders to understand how supporting students with learning difficulties fits within the broader vision of the Education State.

Focusing on particular skills for literacy learning, this guide delves into evidence-based reading instruction and ways for teachers to support students with learning difficulties in literacy, including dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Detailing the core number abilities that affect learning in numeracy, this guide offers advice and support for teachers about assessing, planning, and implementing interventions and adjustments for students with learning difficulties in numeracy, including dyscalculia.