Careers Curriculum Framework

The Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework has been designed to provide a scaffold for teachers, trainers, careers practitioners, team leaders, curriculum coordinators and school leaders to develop a localised and customised quality career development program for young people in schools, VET providers and the Learn Local adult community education sector (Learn Local providers). Building an integrated program requires planning and co-ordination and the Framework indicates suitable links to existing curriculum to assist in the planning process.

Stages of Career Development - The stages of career development have informed the structure of the Framework, designed to be a continuous journey with a different focus each year.

Learning and Teaching Resources - These resources are broken down by year level and detail practical application of the Framework. Career Action Plan templates are available for each year level and can be downloaded and customised by teachers for use with their students.

Career Action Plans - This page outlines the components of a Career Action Plan and provides templates for each year level.

Additional Support for Targeted Groups - This section outlines further support and guidelines for Koorie young people, young people for whom English is a second language, young people from low socio-economic status communities and young people with disabilities.