English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Newly arrived EAL learners are able to access an intensive full-time program or targeted support to help them in the initial stages of learning English. EAL learners are also supported to learn English in mainstream schools.

New EAL curriculum

The VCAA released the draft Victorian Curriculum F–10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) in Term 1, 2019. The curriculum and support resources are available for familiarisation, feedback and optional implementation in 2019. A final version of the EAL curriculum will be published in December 2019, with full implementation expected to commence from Term 1, 2020.

The draft curriculum, support resources, EAL Companion to AusVELS and a link to provide feedback are available from the VCAA website: English as an Additional Language

The VCAA recently conducted presentations and webinars to introduce teachers to the EAL curriculum and support materials.  To access the recording of the webinar held on Thursday 13 June , see: Professional Learning/English as an Additional Language

2019 arrangements for Victorian government schools

Schools have the option to trial the draft curriculum or continue to use the EAL Companion to AusVELS for curriculum advice.

Schools should continue to assess and report the progress of EAL learners against the EAL standards outlined in both the EAL Companion to the AusVELS and the EAL Developmental Continuum. These standards are closely aligned with the standards of the draft curriculum.

The Department will develop and publish further advice about assessment and reporting for 2020 after the curriculum is finalised.




  • Resources for EAL Teachers – published by the Department to support EAL teachers and schools to plan and deliver effective programs.
  • No English - Don't Panic - a handbook for teachers of EALin their first few weeks at school in Australia.
  • No English 2 Questions and Answers – provides answers to some of the concerns primary classroom teachers may have about the English language development of newly arrived EAL learners, and about providing appropriate programs for them.
  • Professional Learning – links to providers of professional learning for EAL teachers.​
  • Interactive EAL Effective Practice Guide - a series of videos and discussion prompts highlighting one Victorian secondary school's implementation of an explicit pedagogy for the teaching of disciplinary literacy.

Program planning

Assessment and reporting

  • The EAL Developmental Continuum P – 10 – provides evidence based indicators of progress, linked to practical teaching strategies, to support the assessment of EAL students and the development of effective learning programs for the many students in Victorian schools who are learning English as a second or additional language.
  • Assessment and reporting – for EAL learners should be based on the EAL Companion to the AusVELS (also known as ‘the EAL standards’)

EAL in Victorian government schools

EAL Annual Reports - annual reports on the provision of EAL programs in Victorian government schools.

History of EAL in Victorian government schools - for a brief history of more than four decades of established assistance to students from language backgrounds other than English offered in Victorian government schools from 1960 to 2006, see: