eduPay Access

eduPay is a web based system that can be accessed using the web browser on your desktop or notebook. eduPay is compatible with the following web browsers issued with the Department’s desktops and notebooks:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) for Windows based desktops and notebooks
  • Safari and Firefox for MacIntosh based notebooks 

Access to eduPay is available from both your work location and remotely (from home) using different weblinks.  Please refer to the main eduPay page for further information.

Troubleshooting eduPay Access

If you experience difficulties when accessing eduPay, the following suggestions should solve common access difficulties.

The eduPay Login page does not display when the eduPay Login link is selected

  • Ensure you are using the correct access link for the location you are attempting to log in from.  If at your work location, use the Work Location link, if access is required remotely (such as from home), use the Remote access link.  Full details on the eduPay page (link above)
  • The web browser on your desktop must be configured correctly to ensure that the eduPay site is available when using the work location access link.  If you require further assistance please contact your local IT Support.

My login fails when I enter my eduPay (EduMail) UserID and Password

  • Your eduPay login credentials are the same as your EduMail UserID and Password.  if you can access EduMail you can access eduPay.  Some schools have their own email servers and the password to the local email server may be different to your EduMail password.  Only your EduMail password will allow access to eduPay.  Please ensure you are using the correct password.
  • The eduPay password field only displays a maximum of 14 characters but accepts passwords of up to 32 characters.  If you wish to change your password, or get advice on Password Best Practice, click on the following link: Change/Forgot My Password or the link on the eduPay login page.
  • If your login attempt has failed five times, for security reasons your account may have been locked.  Once your account has been locked, changing your password will not provide access to eduPay. 
  • If you have successfully changed your password and still cannot access eduPay, log a Service Call through the Service Gateway at


eduPay Access Requests

Employee Self Service (ESS) is provided to all current employees and new employees by default.  Manager Self Service (MSS) is provided to Principals in schools and other identified Managers in Corporate locations.  In the majority of cases ESS and MSS will provide employees and managers with sufficient access for the information they require.  Where there is a requirement for additional access, select from the following links:


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