Mathematics and numeracy professional learning

This suite of professional learning resources provides information and tools to help school leaders and teachers plan, deliver and take part in professional learning.

Numeracy guide professional learning

The numeracy guide professional learning modules are designed to enable self-guided exploration of the Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide.

The interactive modules align to developmental stages with one module designed to help parents and families support their children's maths and numeracy learning at home.

Each module includes video vignettes, activities, resources and audio files.

Birth to level 10 numeracy guide open educational resource

This open educational resource (OER) has been designed to help pre-, in-service and returning teachers:

  • build confidence in teaching numeracy and mathematics
  • become a proficient teacher
  • improve students' learning of numeracy
  • implement evidence-based practice
  • work successfully in building partnerships with families.

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

Bastow's mathematics and numeracy professional learning opportunities support educators to lead change and improve student outcomes.

  • Leading mathematics - develop the knowledge, capabilities and dispositions to lead and support collegial learning and change. Designed to help both primary and secondary school teams to lead school wide improvement in numeracy and mathematics outcomes.
  • Numeracy webinar series - focussed on the knowledge and skills needed to better understand and teach numeracy. Each 90-minute webinar unpacks specific content areas, proficiencies and high impact teaching strategies (HITS) to help you develop a stronger sense of how to teach numeracy.

Learning difficulties

Developed in partnership with Melbourne University, the Learning Difficulties in Numeracy video series provides guidance about how to identify and support students with learning difficulties in mathematics and numeracy. It includes dyscalculia, from pre-school numeracy through to senior mathematics.

For more information, including advice and teaching resources, about learning difficulties.

Assessment professional learning

Training events and workshops for teachers in government schools.

VCAA F-10 curriculum professional learning: mathematics

The professional learning program is designed to help schools and teachers familiarise themselves with and implement the Victorian Curriculum F - 10.

The VCAA provide information about professional learning opportunities in mathematics as they become available through the VCAA Professional Learning Program.

VCAA professional learning webinars

Professional learning webinars: Differentiating the Mathematics curriculum (F-6) is a professional learning session for differentiating the Mathematics curriculum in the primary years. The aim of the session is to help participants develop an understanding of planning using assessment and curriculum guidance developing a program reflecting the needs of all students.

Professional associations

These providers offer professional learning opportunities for numeracy and mathematics.