Digital learning for teachers

To build confidence and capacity in digital learning you should consider:

  • developing skills in using digital technologies
  • supporting teachers to effectively embed the use of digital technologies in their learning and teaching practice
  • providing support for cultural change.

Professional learning calendar

The digital learning news blog has a professional learning calendar that lists sessions with a focus on digital technologies. Teachers can link to professional learner providers and organisations that provide programs for the classroom.

Virtual conferencing

Online professional learning events are available throughout the year via virtual conferencing tools.

Digital learning news

The Department runs a newsletter which includes professional development, teaching resources, research, and news from schools. For more information and to subscribe, see Digital Learning News.

Courses from Bastow

The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership provides professional development courses designed to build the capacity of leaders in schools and early childhood settings.

Online training

You can access online training for security awareness, Microsoft Office and school IT infrastructure via CAMPUS online training.

ICT Capabilities

The ICT capabilities resource resource supports teachers to integrate ICT into their classroom. It includes:

  • an ICT capabilities framework
  • an online survey
  • a continuum with practical, learning and teaching resources, including teacher and student work samples, advice for getting started and professional learning resources.

More information

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) is a global partnership that implements deep learning goals enabled by new pedagogies and accelerated by technology.

There are currently 40 schools who are senior members of the partnership. 21 of these schools are part of a deep learning community of practice. For more information contact: