Understanding, assessing and reporting on English language proficiency

Companion resources for the Victorian Curriculum
F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) 

These resources support the teaching of the EAL curriculum by providing teachers with an understanding of the likely pathways students take to develop English language proficiency and providing resources to support assessment of and reporting on their English language proficiency.  Resources also support teachers to make judgements about students’ transition between pathways on the curriculum, and from the EAL curriculum to the English curriculum.

The curriculum and resources are available at Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Understanding pathways and transitions

These resources include hypothetical student stories and annotated work samples to support teacher understanding of student’s English language proficiency level and decision making about next steps in a student’s learning.

See: Pathways and Transitions


Resources are available to guide teachers of EAL students, including EAL specialists and teachers who are new to EAL to understand and assess the English language proficiency of EAL learners against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL.

See: Assessing English language proficiency


As EAL students may not reach an achievement standard as described in the curriculum for more than one reporting cycle, the Department has developed additional reporting resources that will allow teachers and schools to demonstrate that students are making satisfactory progress in learning English as an additional language. The descriptors ' beginning' and ' consolidating' can be used for reporting purposes to show EAL students’ developing proficiency before they reach the achievement standards.

EAL resources directory diagram

EAL Resources Directory diagram (PDF, 509KB) (opens in a new window) is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the resources provided by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and the Department of Education (DE) to support schools in implementing the Victorian Curriculum F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) Accessible version: EAL Resources Directory diagram (DOCX,509KB)(opens in a new window).