EAL and multicultural education professional learning calendar

Learn about professional development and training opportunities for English as an Additional Language.

Introducing the Victorian Curriculum F-10: English as an Additional language (EAL)

The VCAA will be hosting webinars to support teachers who may be new or wish to refresh their understanding of how to implement the Victorian Curriculum F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL). There will be one webinar for F-6 and one for 7-10.

They will provide an overview of the curriculum in each setting, explore the aims of the curriculum, how it is structured, where to find both curriculum documentation and support resources, and how to assess against the Achievement Standards. Opportunities will be made available for participants to put their questions to the VCAA EAL Curriculum Manager.

  • F-6: Tuesday 23 February 3.45pm
  • 7-10: Tuesday 2 March 3.45pm

To register, go to: Introducing the Victorian Curriculum F–10: A webinar series for teachers new to the curriculum

Online EAL moderation sessions

During 2019 teachers participated in a number of online moderation sessions focusing on assessing English as an Additional Language (EAL) students’ writing, speaking and listening skills based on the EAL Developmental Continuum P-10. While schools must now use the EAL curriculum and the Continuum has been archived, teachers may still find the discussions about evidence of student work and next steps for learning useful.

These sessions provided teachers with an opportunity to:

  • analyse samples of student work
  • discuss the attributes of the samples that relate to the indicators of progress outlined in the EAL Developmental Continuum P – 10
  • reach a consensus on the proficiency level of each
  • discuss next steps in developing students’ language proficiency
  • develop confidence in making assessment decisions.

Recordings of these sessions and student work samples are available for:

  • A Stage (lower primary) - Writing/Speaking and Listening 
  • B Stage (upper primary) - Writing/Speaking and Listening
  • S Stage (secondary) - Writing/Speaking and Listening

To access these recordings, log on to the Benchmarking Forum  of the TEAL website: Tools to Enhance Assessment Literacy for Teachers of EAL students.