Priority: community engagement in learning

​​The greatest impact on student outcomes is the home environment. The community engagement in learning priority focuses on the following dimensions of the Improvement Model:

What is Community Engagement?

When schools strengthen relationships with families and community organisations, they can tap into the environment that has the greatest impact on students. 

Much of this positive impact comes from the values and attitudes that parents/carers have towards education. 

How schools can build better relationships

While these values and attitudes are often formed outside of schools, schools can build better relationships with parents/carers to improve educational expectations and support student achievement. 

Effective schools:

  • help build positive relationships with families and work with them on their child's learning
  • give families effective strategies to actively support student learning, and work with them to foster students' positive social behaviours.

School partnerships with community-based organisations and NGOs can:

  • positively support students' wellbeing and learning in the classroom
  • help mitigate potential barriers to learning, address risk factors and promote protective practices. ​
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