Priority: positive climate for learning

​​School climate impacts a wide range of health and wellbeing outcomes as well as students' motivation to learn and achieve.

​​​​​​​​​The professional leadership priority focuses on the following dimensions of the Improvement Model:

​What is a positive climate for learning?

​​​Effective schools are supportive and inclusive. They create a positive school climate to meet physical student needs, and develo​p their self​​ management, awareness, empathy and relationship skills.

​​They ​take deliberate steps to keep their students healthy and safe by:

  • expecting and enforcing respectful behaviour, and tackle bullying and violence
  • deliberately promote healthy relationships and foster engagement and school connectedness
  • ​reducing disengagement from education, and targeting those at risk of dropping out of school. 

For more information on Child Safe Standards, see: PROTECT Child Safe Standards

​How school climate impacts student outcomes

School climate impacts a wide range of outcomes for students, including:

  • ​health and wellbeing
  • motivation to learn and achieve
  • academic performance.