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What's happening in Victorian education?

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Summer heat warning: Never leave kids in cars

Australia is about to have a hotter summer than usual, so now it’s important as ever to remember: never leave your kids in the car.

New guidelines help schools support children with Type 1 diabetes

New guidelines are helping schools better support children with type 1 diabetes at school.

Native birds inspire little ones at Delta Road Preschool

Local wildlife sightings are leading to fun learning opportunities for preschoolers at Delta Road Preschool.

Prep kids reach a big milestone

Victoria’s preps have now been at school for 100 days - Collingwood College students told us all about it.

Parent power: learning with the whole family

Parents Victoria brings parents together to talk about literacy and numeracy.

Introducing young kids to the magic of reading

When introducing young children to the joy of reading, author and father Adrian Beck spreads the magic of books both at home and at work.

Walk, ride and tag on to school

A unique digital smartcard system and incentive program is getting more kids at Malvern Valley Primary School to ride or walk to school.

Sustainability at Epping Views Kindergarten

The Epping Views Kindergarten community are creating positive environmental impact through the kindergarten's Sustainability program.

Introducing our reading challenge Ambassador: Besart Berisha

As well as scoring winning goals, Melbourne Victory striker Besart Berisha is also our 2018 Premiers’ Reading Challenge Ambassador.

Footy lovers – there’s a book for you

Watch, play and read AFL - local children’s author Michael Wagner talks sports in books.

Supported playgroups benefit all families

Mum Monica Truong says Supported Playgroups deliver great benefits to young mums like herself.

Culturally diverse books in the Premiers' Reading Challenge

Dandenong High School students say culturally diverse books help us understand and experience different cultures.