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What's happening in Victorian education?

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A SunSmart start to your child’s education

Starting school or kindergarten in summer means following SunSmart’s tips for protecting your child from the sun’s UV rays.

Popular books for school starters

Help your child prepare for their first day of kindergarten or school with some popular books about starting school.

Prepping for Prep

The start of school is just around the corner and it’s an exciting time for all children at Princes Hill Kindergarten.

Spirit of ANZAC prize open

The Premier’s Spirit of ANZAC Prize (SOAP) is now open for submissions from teacher chaperones and Year 9 and 10 students.

There's a book for that: Premiers' Reading Challenge

The Premiers' Reading Challenge shows that there’s a book for every child. helps parents plan their children's future is a new website that shows the zones of all public schools in Victoria.

10 ways to prepare for Year 12 like a champ

Make your last year of school count and feel great with our Top 10 tips.

Helping your child settle into secondary school

'Relax and let go' is our advice to parents of students beginning high school in 2019.

Summer heat warning: Never leave kids in cars

Australia is about to have a hotter summer than usual, so now it’s important as ever to remember: never leave your kids in the car.

New guidelines help schools support children with Type 1 diabetes

New guidelines are helping schools better support children with type 1 diabetes at school.

Native birds inspire little ones at Delta Road Preschool

Local wildlife sightings are leading to fun learning opportunities for preschoolers at Delta Road Preschool.

Prep kids reach a big milestone

Victoria’s preps have now been at school for 100 days - Collingwood College students told us all about it.