Financial Assistance

​If your family is eligible, you could receive financial assistance to help you meet the costs of sending your child to child care or kindergarten.

Child Care Benefit​

You can get the Child Care Benefit if your child attends approved or registered care and you are responsible for paying the child care fees. Most long day care, family day care, before or after school care, vacation care, some occasional care and some in-home care child care services are approved child care providers. Your child's child care service will tell you if they are an approved provider.

To be eligible for the Child Care Benefit you need to meet the income test, and satisfy work, study or training commitment requirements.

The Commonwealth Family Assistance Office makes the payment and can supply you with the relevant information.

For more information, see: Family Assistance Office -C​hild Care Benefit or call 13 61 50.

Child Care Tax Rebate

The Child Care Tax Rebate helps families who are working, studying or training with their out of pocket child care costs. It is not income tested.

For more information, see: Family Assistance Office: Child Care Rebate or contact the Child Care Access Hotline on 1800 670 305.

Kindergarten fee subsidy

The kindergarten fee subsidy is available to families who have one of these cards, visas or documents:

  • health care card
  • pensioner concession card
  • temporary protection/humanitarian visas 447, 451, 785 or 786
  • asylum seekers on Bridging Visas A - F and Refugee and Special Humanitarian Visas holders 200- 217
  • Resolution of Status (RoS) visa, Class CD, subclass 851
  • Department of Veterans Affairs gold card
  • triplets and quadruplets in the same year of kindergarten.

These families can send their child to a kindergarten program for 15 hours a week for free.

You can apply for the kindergarten fee subsidy at any time during the year, even if your child moves to another kindergarten. The subsidy is paid in full for the whole term, regardless of the date your child starts within the term.

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