Help for Children with Additional Needs at Kindergarten

If your child has a disability or is being assessed, talk to your kindergarten first.

The teacher at the kindergarten will talk to you about your child's needs and set up a support plan. They will also create a support group that includes your family.

The support group will decide if the kindergarten needs extra help to teach your child. If they do, they can apply to us for the extra help. This is called the Kindergarten Inclusion Support program (KIS).

The program helps kindergartens with things like:

  • training staff to work with children with disabilities or complex medical needs
  • creating learning programs that are inclusive
  • working closely with families who need extra support
  • an extra assistant to help with teaching your child

If the support group decides the kindergarten already has enough resources, they do not need to apply to us.


Kindergartens apply for extra help, rather than families. This happens after your child's support plan is created.

Applications are checked for eligibility and usually take four weeks. Your kindergarten will keep you updated.

If you have a concern you should speak to your kindergarten first. If your concern still isn't resolved, you can contact your closest Department office.

You can also read the KIS information given to kindergartens, including application forms.